e Samiksha Portal: Login, App Download, Registration For Various States

e Samiksha Portal 2024

Friends, today I will tell you in this article what is e Samiksha Portal Login JK/Assam/Delhi/Haryana/Karnataka/singrauli/HP, Registration and how you can login for eSamiksha Portal 2024.
In the era of increasing digitization and technological advancement, governments across the world are adopting digital platforms to streamline administrative processes and improve governance. India has introduced various online portals to increase transparency, efficiency and accountability in various sectors. One such notable initiative is the “Review Portal”, a revolutionary platform that aims to revolutionize the evaluation and monitoring processes.
Understanding the Review Portal

Samiksha Portal

The Samiksha Portal, which is available at esamiksha.gov.in, is a comprehensive online platform developed by the Government of India to enable effective evaluation and monitoring of various government schemes and programs in various sectors. This user-friendly portal serves as a centralized hub for collecting, analyzing and disseminating critical data and information.

Samiksha Portal 2024

In the healthcare sector, the e Samiksha Portal plays a vital role in assessing the implementation of various health programmes, availability of medical facilities and effectiveness of healthcare initiatives. It enables policy makers to make informed decisions, address gaps in service delivery and enhance the overall healthcare experience.

eSamiksha Portal Key Features and Benefits

  • Streamlined Evaluation and Monitoring: The Review Portal simplifies the evaluation and monitoring process by providing a common platform for multiple stakeholders to collaborate and share information
  • With the Review Portal, transparency and accountability take center stage. It provides real-time access to progress reports, evaluation data and other relevant information, ensuring that all stakeholders are well informed about the status of various schemes and programmes.
  • This transparent approach helps in identifying bottlenecks and taking timely corrective action.
  • The portal serves as a robust data management system, which enables seamless data collection, storage and analysis. It streamlines the data entry process, reduces paperwork, eliminates duplication and ensures data integrity.

UHC Provider Portal

  • This wealth of reliable data becomes a valuable resource for evidence-based decision making and policy making.
  • The Samiksha Portal is designed to meet the specific needs of various sectors.
  • The Samiksha portal helps in evaluation and monitoring of agricultural schemes, seed distribution and innovative agricultural practices. Through Samiksha Portal Seed Registration, farmers can register their seed-related information, get quality seeds and contribute to the development of agriculture sector.

How to Login For e Samiksha Portal

e samiksha portal
  • After that click on “Login” button.
e samiksha portal login
  • Now enter you login id, password, captcha code and click on “Login” button

How to Samiksha Portal App Download?

  • First, open the play store in mobile phone.
  • Search “Samiksha Portal” at your app store.
  • Now download the Samiksha App and install it.
  • Open your app in your mobile phone and login it by using your Login ID, Password & Captcha code.

Samiksha Portal Online Registration Process

  • Visit the official website of Samiksha.
  • Now click on registration button.
  • After that a application form of Samiksha is open at front of you.
  • Fill all the necessary information asked you and click on submit link.


Samiksha Portal has emerged as a game-changer in the evaluation and monitoring scenario of government programs and schemes. With its user-friendly interface, robust data management capabilities and sector-specific portals, it empowers various stakeholders to evaluate progress, identify gaps and take effective decisions. The portal’s emphasis on transparency, accountability and efficiency makes it a powerful tool in transforming governance and driving socio-economic development. As the review portal continues to grow, its impact

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