[Apply] Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme 2024 “Wedding Kit” For Newly Married Couples

Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme 2024

Odisha government has recently launched a very beneficial scheme not only for newly married couples but also for the state and their population. We would like to inform you that have Odisha government has launched the scheme “Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme 2024 “Wedding Kit” For Newly Married Couples Apply Online” in the state and in this article we are going to provide you with each and every single piece of information about this scheme to just ensure that all are newly married couples will get the proper benefits of this scheme.

The wedding Kit is the biggest part of this Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme because it includes a Family Planning Booklet, Condoms, A Marriage License, an Oral Contractive, an Emergency Contractive, and other beneficial items which will help the newly married couple to start their married as they want and as the bright future wants and the purpose of the state government before the scheme.

in the end, we are requesting you to please read this article very carefully so, that all of you can easily avail of its benefits and live you happy married life.

Short Overview

Name of the schemeOdisha Nai Pahal Scheme 2024
Initiated byGovernment of Odisha
BeneficiariesNewley wed couples
AimTo practice responsible family planning

Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme – Key Objective?

Here we are going to inform you about the Key Objectives of the Nal Pahal Scheme are as under –

The “wedding kit” is a part of the Nai Pahal Scheme under the National Health Mission (NHM), which aims to increase awareness of the necessity for young couples to embrace both temporary and long-term methods of family planning.

Despite having a low total fertility rate, Odisha is the first State to undertake the campaign, according to NHM State Mission Director Shalini Pandit (TFR). The average number of children a woman would have throughout her lifetime is called the TFR of a population. Odisha’s TFR is 1.8 compared to the national average of two. The responsibility of providing kits to newlywed couples has been delegated to the Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs).

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According to the reports, the package may also include a wedding congratulations letter from the Chief Minister in addition to the contact information for local health professionals, ASHA, and ANM. The Health Department also intends to expand family planning counseling and contraceptive services to all operational urban primary health centers, as well as to increase the administration of novel injectable contraceptives to qualified couples.

Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme – How to Apply?

  1. For applying and getting Wedding Kits, all newly married couples have to contact their nearest ASHA Workers,
  2. Ask her for the application form and collect the application form from her,
  3. Fill this application form correctly,
  4. Attached are all required self-attested documents and
  5. In the end, submit your application form concerning the office and take the receipt of your application.

Item of Marriage Kits of Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme?

  1. Marriage Kits Include Family Planning Booklet, Condoms, A Marriage License, Oral Contractive, and Emergency Contractive and
  2. This Marriage Kits Also Includes the Pregnancy Test Kit & Bride Grooming Package etc.


At the end of the article, we try our best to provide you with each and every single thing about this Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme to just ensure that all are married couples will aware of this scheme and they are going to take full advantage of this to ensure their happy married life.

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