Dharitree Assam Portal 2024 ILRMS Dharitree Services for Citizen, Land Record

Dharitree Assam Portal 2024

Today through this post I will tell you about Dharitree Assam Portal 2024 ILRMS Dharitree Services for Citizen, Land Record, for that you will have to read this post till the end. The Dharitree Assam or Dharitri Assam website provides Assamese citizens with the opportunity to access and view the state’s land records online. Managed by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, this online platform for land record maintenance aims to enhance transparency and efficiency in record-keeping. The Land Revenue Department of Assam, established in 1874, was one of the state’s earliest departments.


Through the revenueassam.nic.in Portal, individuals can perform an online search to access the state’s land register. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Dharitri Assam website and explore the range of services it offers.

Dharitree Assam:

The Dharitree Assam portal was introduced by the state’s Revenue and Disaster Management Department on October 7, 2021. This platform allows the public to register, edit, view, and maintain land records conveniently. The initiative aims to address issues related to manual record-keeping, such as opacity, delayed updates, corruption, and harassment.

The Assam Government has implemented an integrated land records management system that connects the Revenue Circle, Sub-registrar, Deputy Commissioners’ offices, and the Director of Land Records. This system includes features such as issuing no objection certificates for property transfers, updating land records through the web application Dharitri, online property registration (e-Panjiyan), and online land revenue collection. The interconnectedness of these systems ensures efficiency, transparency, and accountability within the revenue department.

Benefits of Dharitri Assam Portal:

The Dharitri Assam portal establishes a seamless connection between sections, sub-registrars, circle offices, land records directorates, and deputy commissioner offices. It simplifies the land registration process in the state by removing obstacles that previously hindered it. Currently, around 26,000 documents have been digitized and made accessible on the portal, with plans to digitize additional data in the coming weeks.

Historical Significance of the Revenue and Disaster Management Department:

The land revenue department, one of the oldest departments in Assam, has existed since 1874. Previously, the department handled various areas such as agriculture, animal husbandry, irrigation, cooperatives, fisheries, archaeology, museums, customs, finance, industry, audit, and land settlements. On March 1, 2007, the department was renamed the revenue and disaster management department to encompass its expanded responsibilities.

Digital Transformation for Assam Land Records:

The Assam Government is committed to providing efficient services to its citizens. The Dharitri Assam portal allows residents to access their land records online. Managed by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, the portal offers all land record documents in a digital format. This effort benefits residents by simplifying the process of registering and checking land records online.

About Dharitree Assam 2024:

The Assam Government has developed its own platform, Dharitree Assam, for managing land records. This initiative aligns with the government’s efforts to digitize land records services. Launched on October 7, 2021, Dharitree Assam serves as an integrated platform for Assamese land records. Despite already having thousands of land records available, the government continues to upload new records to the portal.

Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS):

Through the Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS) or Dharitree Assam, citizens of Assam can view land records from the comfort of their homes. The system provides access to information on land, including updates on mutation, partition, conversion, reclassification, and land revenue collection.

PortalDharitree Assam (Land Revenue Assam)
Launched byGovernment of Assam
Managed byRevenue and Disaster Management Department
ObjectiveTo provide the land records in a single portal
BenefitsEasy to view land records
ForResidents of Assam

Objectives of Dharitree Assam:

The Dharitree Assam platform in Assam serves the following purpose:

1. Online Assam Land Record Updates: One of the main objectives of Dharitree Assam is to provide online updates for land records. This digital platform ensures that land records are accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible for the convenience of citizens.

2. Issuing No-Objection Certificates: Dharitree Assam facilitates the issuance of no-objection certificates (NOCs) for immovable property as mandated by Section 21A of the Registration Act. This streamlines the process of property transfers and ensures that necessary permissions are obtained.

3. Online Property Registration: Another objective of Dharitree Assam is to enable citizens to register their property online. This feature simplifies the property registration process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and allowing individuals to complete registration conveniently through the online platform.

4. Online Land Tax Collection: Dharitree Assam also provides an online method for collecting landowners’ taxes. Through this platform, landowners can pay their land taxes digitally, improving efficiency and transparency in the tax collection process.

Benefits of Dharitree Assam 2024:

The Dharitree Assam platform offers several benefits that aim to streamline property-related processes and provide convenience to citizens. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Decreased Property Fraud and Disputes: The Dharitree Assam gateway plays a crucial role in reducing instances of property fraud, lawsuits, and disputes. By providing a secure and transparent platform for property registration and transfer, it ensures that transactions are conducted with authenticity and reduces the risk of fraudulent activities.

2. Simplified Property Registration and Transfer: With Dharitree Assam, property registration and transfer in Assam become much simpler and hassle-free. The online platform eliminates the need for extensive paperwork and long queues, making the entire process more efficient and convenient for individuals.

3. Enhanced Connectivity: Dharitree Assam facilitates seamless connectivity between the revenue circle, deputy commissioner, and sub-registrar offices. This interconnectedness ensures smooth coordination and communication among these entities, leading to improved efficiency and streamlined operations.

4. Access to Digital Land Records: The gateway enables Assamese residents to easily access digital versions of land records. This eliminates the need for physical visits to government offices and provides a user-friendly platform where citizens can view and verify land records from the comfort of their homes.

5. Application Submission and Tracking: Assamese citizens can conveniently submit various applications through the Dharitree Assam platform. Additionally, they can track the status of their applications, ensuring transparency and reducing the need for frequent follow-ups.

6. User-Friendly Access: The Dharitree Assam portal is designed to be accessible both on desktop computers and mobile devices. This flexibility allows users to access the platform conveniently using their preferred device, enhancing user experience and convenience.

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Dharitree Assam Services:

The Dharitree Assam website offers various services aimed at providing convenience to citizens. These services include:

1. Issuance and Monitoring of No Objection Certificate (NOC): Through the Dharitree Assam platform, individuals can apply for and track the status of their No Objection Certificate. This certificate is essential for property transactions and ensures that there are no legal objections or disputes associated with the property.

2. Online Maintenance of Land Records: Dharitree Assam facilitates the maintenance of up-to-date online land records. This digital platform ensures that land records are accurate, accessible, and easily manageable, reducing the reliance on physical records and paperwork.

3. Electronic Property Registration: The web portal provided by Dharitree Assam enables individuals to register their property electronically. This feature simplifies the property registration process by eliminating the need for manual paperwork and allowing users to complete the registration conveniently online.

4. Online Land Revenue Collection: Dharitree Assam provides an online method for collecting land revenue. This feature allows citizens to pay their land revenue digitally, streamlining the revenue collection process and promoting efficiency.

5. Other Citizen Services: Additionally, Dharitree Assam offers various citizen services, including the tracking of application status, updating land records online, and online property registration. These services aim to provide ease of access and convenience for citizens in their land-related transactions.

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Procedure to Check Dharitree Assam Land Record:

To check the land records on the Dharitree Assam official website, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Dharitree Assam website, which is the designated platform for Assam’s land record database.

2. On the homepage, select “Land Records” or “Jamabandi Assam” and proceed to the next page.

3. Choose the district from the provided list, followed by selecting the circle and the name of the village or town associated with the land record.

4. Enter the Captcha code and the Dag number, then click the Search button. Alternatively, you can search using the Patta number or Pattadar number by selecting the appropriate option and inputting the corresponding details using the on-screen virtual keyboard. Click the “Search” button to proceed.

5. The displayed information will include various details from the Assam land records, such as lease number, lease holder details, lot number, local tax, patta type, comments, and other relevant information.

6. To access the online circle office, visit the official website of the Government of Assam for Revenue and Disaster Management.

7. From the “How do I” section, select “Know my Circle Office.”

8. On the new page, choose the Name of Circle Officers from the menu on the left. This will download an Excel file to your computer, which you can open to verify the neighboring office.

9. For further assistance or accessing the ILRMS Assam website, visit the designated website and navigate to the desired sections.

10. To view specific land records, return to the Dharitree Assam homepage and select “Jamabandi/Land Record” from the menu.

11. The screen will transition to a new page displaying a list of circles after selecting the district.

12. Choose the desired circle from the list, followed by selecting the village name.

13. On the subsequent page, enter the necessary information, such as the Dag number, and provide the captcha code.

14. Click the search button to proceed with the search.

15. If you don’t have the Dag number, you can also search for Assam’s land records using the Pattadar name or Patta number by selecting the respective option.

16. Once the list of records is displayed, click on the desired Jamabandi to view the associated details.

By following these steps, you can successfully check the land records on the Dharitree Assam website and access the relevant information related to the land record you are interested in.

Dharitree Assam Circle Office:

To locate your nearest circle office in Assam, follow these steps:

1. Visit the ILRMS Assam official website.

2. On the homepage, navigate to the “How Do I” section and select “Know My Circle Office.”

3. A new page will load with information about the circle offices.

4. Choose the “Name of Circle Officers” option from the menu on the left side of the page.

5. Download the Excel file provided on your computer.

6. Open the downloaded file to verify the details of the neighboring office and find the relevant information about your local circle office.

By following these steps, you can easily find the details of your local circle office in Assam, which will provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance for land-related matters and services.

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