Telangana Ration Card List 2024 Village Wise – Check Name List

Telangana Ration Card List 2024

The Food and Civil Supplies Department of Telangana has recently released the village-wise TS New Ration Card List 2024 online. This move aims to simplify the process of finding beneficiaries’ names and provides easy access to the APL/BPL/Antyodaya ration card holder list. Individuals who have previously submitted their Telangana ration card application form can now check their name online. Additionally, people can download the Telangana NFSA beneficiary list and search for their name in the ration card list.

Benefits of a Ration Card:

Ration cards hold significant importance as official documents, serving various purposes. They can be used as proof of identity for passport applications, PAN card registration, Voter ID, and more. Possessing a ration card also allows cardholders to avail themselves of various essential commodities at subsidized rates.

telangana ration card list 2023

Responsibilities of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies:

The Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies of Telangana is responsible for all activities related to ration cards in the state. This includes issuing ration cards, making modifications, and implementing the Public Distribution System (PDS). The department authorizes the issuance of three types of ration cards based on households’ socio-economic conditions: AFSC, FSC, and AAY ration cards.

The Public Distribution System (PDS):

The Public Distribution System plays a vital role in ensuring food security across Telangana. Regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies, the PDS ensures the timely allocation of food grains and other essential commodities to the public. This extensive network operates through Fair Price Shops (FPS) spread throughout the state.

Telangana Ration Card:

Article CategoryTelangana Ration Card 2024
NameTelangana Ration Card List
AuthorityGovernment of Telangana
DepartmentDepartment of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies
Types of Ration Cardsa) FSC- Food Security Card b) AFSC- Antyodaya Food Security Card c) AAY- Antyodaya Anna Yojana
Mode of ApplicationOnline/ Offline


Types of Ration Card in Telangana:

In Telangana, there are three types of ration cards, also known as Food Security Cards (FSC), issued by the Civil Supplies Department. These cards are categorized based on the income levels of the households that apply for them. Here are the different types of ration cards available in Telangana:

1. Food Security Cards (FSC):

The Food Security Card, commonly known as FSC, is a ration card issued to households that fall under the general income category. These cards enable cardholders to access subsidized food grains and essential commodities through the Public Distribution System (PDS) in Telangana.

MP Ration Card List 2024

2. Antyodaya Food Security Cards (AFSC):

Antyodaya Food Security Cards, abbreviated as AFSC, are issued to households belonging to the economically weakest sections of society. These cards provide additional benefits and priority access to essential commodities at subsidized rates through the PDS. AFSCs aim to support and uplift the most economically disadvantaged households in Telangana.

3. Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cards (AAY):

Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cards, also known as AAY cards, are issued to the poorest of the poor households in Telangana. These cards offer the highest level of benefits and priority access to essential commodities through the PDS. AAY cards are intended to provide substantial support to the most vulnerable and economically marginalized sections of society.

Advantages Of Telangana Ration Card:

Ration cards in Telangana offer several advantages and hold significance for households. Here are the key benefits and importance of possessing a ration card in the state:

  • 1. Official Document: The ration card is an authorized document issued by the Telangana State government. It serves as proof of identity and nationality.
  • 2. Socio-Economic Indicator: The ration card denotes the socio-economic status of the household. It helps the government identify and target beneficiaries based on their income levels for various welfare schemes and subsidies.
  • 3. Access to Subsidized Goods: Possessing a valid ration card, particularly the Food Security Card (FSC), allows households to purchase essential commodities and rationed goods at highly subsidized prices through the Public Distribution System (PDS). This helps in ensuring food security and affordability.
  • 4. Identification for Government Schemes: Ration cards are often used as proof of eligibility for various government schemes and programs, such as subsidized housing, educational assistance, healthcare benefits, and other social welfare initiatives. It facilitates the identification and verification process for availing these benefits.
  • 5. Identification for Other Documents: Ration cards can also be used as supporting documents for other official purposes like applying for passports, voter ID cards, PAN cards, and other government-issued identification documents.
  • 6. Easy Availability of Basic Commodities: Ration cards ensure that households have easy access to essential commodities like rice, wheat, sugar, oil, and other items that are distributed through the PDS network. This helps in maintaining food security and meeting the basic needs of the population.
  • 7. Streamlined Distribution System: Ration cards play a crucial role in streamlining the distribution system of essential commodities. They enable the government to monitor and manage the allocation of food grains and other subsidized items to the eligible beneficiaries effectively.

To search for the new FSC Ration Card List 2023 in Telangana, follow the steps below:

  • 1. Visit the official website of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies, Telangana.
  • 2. Scroll down on the homepage and locate the “Food Security Cards” icon. Click on it.
  • 3. You will be redirected to the ePDS Telangana portal.
  • 4. On the left menu sidebar, find and click on the “Reports” option.
  • 5. Under the “Ration Card Reports” tab, select “FSC Card Status Report.”
  • 6. A list will appear in a specific format. Choose your District Name to view the FSC report of your village.
  • 7. Clicking on the District Name will display another list based on respective Office names. Select your Office.
  • 8. A further list based on shop numbers will be shown. Choose your shop number and proceed.
  • 9. The list will provide details such as Reference No., Ration Card No., Type of Ration Card, Name of the Head of the family, House no., Number of units, Number of Gas Cylinders, Date of approval by MRO/ASO, and Card Pool Type.
  • 10. Search for your household in the list to find the status of your FSC Ration Card.
  • To be eligible for a new Ration Card in Telangana, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • 1. Residency: The applicant should be a permanent resident of Telangana. The ration card is issued to individuals residing within the state.
  • 2. No Existing Ration Card: The household applying for a new ration card should not already possess a ration card in Telangana. This criterion ensures that only eligible households receive the benefits.
  • 3. Newly Married Couples: Newly married couples are eligible to apply for a new ration card. This allows them to establish their household and avail the benefits provided through the ration card system.
  • 4. Expired Temporary Ration Cards: Citizens who possess temporary ration cards that have expired are also eligible to apply for a new ration card. This allows them to continue accessing subsidized food grains and essential commodities.

Telangana Ration Card List 2024 – Documents

1. Residential Proof: You need to submit a scanned copy of any residential proof document such as Voter ID card, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, or any other document that validates your address.

2. Age Certificate: A scanned copy of an age certificate is required to verify the age of the applicant.

3. Identity Proof: Submit a scanned copy of any identity proof document like Voter ID card, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, or any other government-issued identity document that establishes your identity.

4. Income Proof: You will need to provide a scanned copy of the income proof of your family. This can include documents such as income certificates, salary slips, or any other document that verifies the income level of your household.

5. Recent Passport Size Photograph: Attach a recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant.

6. Valid Mobile Number/E-mail ID: Provide a valid and active mobile number and email ID for communication purposes.

7. Self-Declaration and Certificate from Ward Councillor/Pradhan: A self-declaration form and a certificate issued by the respective Ward Councillor or Pradhan may be required. This verifies your eligibility for a new ration card.

8. Tenancy Agreement (if applicable): If you are residing in a rented property, you may need to provide a tenancy agreement as proof of your residence.

To apply for a new Ration Card in Telangana through online mode, follow these steps:

  • 1. Visit the official website of the TS Meeseva Portal.
  • 2. On the left menu bar, click on the “Application Forms” option. A page with various application forms will be displayed.
  • 3. Look for the “Civil Supplies” tab and click on it. A drop-down list will appear.
  • 4. From the list, search for the “Application for New Food Security Card” option and click on it.
  • 5. The application form will be downloaded to your system. Print it out.
  • 6. Fill in all the required information in the application form, including the applicant’s name, age, residential details, active mobile number, email ID, number of existing family members, annual income of the family, and other necessary details.
  • 7. Affix a recent photograph of the applicant and attach the required supporting documents as mentioned in the application form.
  • 8. Once you have filled out the application form and attached the documents, visit the nearest MeeSeva center.
  • 9. Submit the completed application form along with the necessary fee at the MeeSeva center.
  • 10. The authorities at the MeeSeva center will provide you with an acknowledgment slip containing the application number for the Food Security Card (FSC). Keep this slip safe for future reference.

How to Apply Online for Telangana Ration Card List 2024

  • 1. Visit your nearest MeeSeva center or the notary office of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Civil Supplies.
  • 2. Request an application form for the new Food Security Card (FSC) from the authorized village officer or concerned personnel.
  • 3. Fill in the application form with accurate and complete details. Make sure to provide the correct information regarding your personal and household details.
  • 4. Attach all the required documents as mentioned in the application form. These may include proof of identity, proof of residence, income certificate, and any other supporting documents specified by the authorities.
  • 5. Affix the required number of photographs of the applicant and other family members as specified in the form.
  • 6. Pay the necessary charges, if applicable, as per the instructions provided by the officer.
  • 7. Submit the duly filled application form, along with the supporting documents and photographs, to the officer.
  • 8. The officer will verify the application and documents and provide you with an acknowledgement slip. This slip will contain an application number that is important for future reference. Keep it safe and secure.
  • 9. The application will be processed by the authorities, and you will be notified about the status of your application within the specified timeframe.

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