Assam NRC Final List 2021– Declared! Online Check Names

Assam NRC Final List 2021

The Central Government said that exclusion from the list of citizens in Assam would not make a person “stateless” or “foreign” and would not be denied any rights or entitlements. Nearly 19 lakh people have not been included in the national registry of citizens, leaving them open to government action until they can prove themselves to be Indian citizens.

Amid the angry statements from the opposition and Assam BJP leaders, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on Sunday asked the government not to detain or give custody to anyone whose nationality is not verified. The news agency AFP quoted Mr. Grandy as saying, “Any process that can leave a large number of people without nationality would be a big blow to global efforts to eradicate legalism.”

In the evening, the Ministry of External Affairs said, “Exclusion from NRC (National Registry of Citizens) has no effect on the rights of an individual resident in Assam”.

“Those who are not in the final list will not be detained and all measures available under the law will be abolished,” the ministry said.

National Registry of Citizens Final List 2021

The government said that it will also give detailed guidelines to the people along with the appeal. Another 200 tribunals will be added to the existing 100 tribunals by December to hear the appeal.

The NRC’s update, the ministry spokesman said, was not an “executive-driven process”. It is directly monitored by the Supreme Court and the government is acting as per the directions issued by the court.

“It is a non-discriminatory process, leaving no room for prejudice and injustice. As can be seen from the application form for data entry in NRC, there is no column in the application asking the religion of the Ministry’s applicant Was. ” What was said.

Assam NRC Final List 2019 – National Registry of Citizens

More than 19 lakh people have left the final list of the updated NRC in Assam, almost half of the 40 lakh included in the final draft list published last year. Out of 3.3 crore applicants, a total of 3,11,21,004 persons were found eligible for inclusion in the final NRC. This is a list of certified Indian citizens of Assam published 4 years after implementation.

The Assam Accord was signed in 1985 by the All Assam Students Union, Government of Assam and the Central Government. To include names in NRC, people need to prove their identity with documentary evidence that one’s ancestors entered the country before the cut-off date.

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