COVID 19 Tracker Map : Coronavirus World Map Live Tracker

Coronavirus World Map Live Tracker:

What are corona viruses and what are there in it that makes the whole international community tremble with it and what are the characteristics that make this virus different from all the viruses of the past? Let’s know. COVID 19 Tracker Map

What is Coronavirus

Corona viruses are so dangerous that they can make sick not only humans but also animals. It is an RNA virus which implies that it breaks into cells within a body and uses them to generate itself.

COVID 19 World MAP Live

How dangerous is the corona virus, it started with “C-Food” because there is a “C-food” market in Wuhan city of China from where it originated and you can guess this. It is said that the World Health Organization has already warned this virus because these viruses are as dangerous as they are because they are infection from one person to another. Switch to the spread and that one person gets infected.

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The symptoms of this virus are similar to pneumonia and the virus belongs to the family of Corona virus.

How to Avoid Corona Virus – COVID 19 Tracker Map

Wash hands thoroughly from time to time, because washing the hands periodically is the most accurate and surefire means to drive away the corona, so we can say, wash hands – inflame the corona,
Keep your hands away from the eyes, nose and mouth, because by repeatedly putting your hands on the eyes, nose and mouth, or by touching, these viruses make you a victim immediately, so try, putting your hands on your body Keep away from these essential organs because your hands may have touched an infected object or an infected place. So keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
These precautions should be taken during public transport, because during public travel, especially in metro and buses, keep your face covered so that you are least likely to get infected. For this you can use N95 or N99 mask,

Whenever you shake hands, you are most likely to spread the virus through your hands. If your hands are dirty or if the hands of the front are dirty then you will either infect them or you will become infected with it,
Stay away from crowded places because the more crowds in crowded places, the greater the chances of getting infected with this virus because you have no idea who is infected in this crowd, so keep yourself Stop going to a place like this,

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