West Bengal Marriage Registration: Pdf Form Download Documents, Fee &Rules

West Bengal Marriage Registration 2023:

In this article you can apply online West Bengal marriage registration form pdf download, documents, fee, Rules, Online Registration Form etc.

The Government of West Bengal has introduced an online marriage registration system to simplify and expedite the process of obtaining a marriage certificate. The primary objective of this initiative is to reduce paper usage and streamline the marriage registry procedures, including the issuance of marriage certificates. The newly launched WB Marriage Registration Portal, available at rgmwb.gov.in, allows couples to register their marriage online and obtain their marriage certificate instantly. Additionally, the government aims to provide information about the WB Marriage Registration 2023.

wb marriage online registration

To facilitate the online application process, the government is providing training to Marriage Registrars who will handle the applications submitted through the new portal. This system not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the marriage registration fees in West Bengal, making it more affordable for couples. The cost of the marriage registry procedure through this new system is expected to be less than Rs. 1000, which is the current rate.

Short Details

ArticleWest Bengal Marriage Registration
Name of the departmentLaw Department Register General of Marriages
StateWest Bengal
Mode of applicationOnline
Official websitehttp://rgmwb.gov.in/

WB Marriage Registration

A marriage registration certificate serves as a legal proof of marriage between two individuals. In India, marriages are registered under the “Hindu Marriage Act, 1954,” “Special Marriage Act, 1954,” “Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872,” and “Parsi Marriage Act, 1936.” The Supreme Court of India made marriage registration mandatory in 2006 to ensure the welfare and protection of women in the country.

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, the Special Marriage Act of 1954, the Indian Christian Marriage Act of 1872, and the Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act of 1936 provide provisions for couples to register their marriages. The Hindu marriage legislation applies to individuals practicing Hinduism in any of its forms or developments, including Virashaivas, Lingayats, Brahmos, Prarthanas, Arya Samaj followers, as well as Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs who are not Muslims, Christians, Parsis, or Jews. The Indian Christian Marriage Act pertains to individuals belonging to the Christian faith, while the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act governs the Parsi community. The Special Marriage Act applies to marriages involving individuals from other religions or inter-religious marriages.

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Eligibility Criteria for West Bengal Marriage Registration:

To obtain a marriage certificate in West Bengal, couples must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. The conditions that need to be met are as follows:

1. Age Requirement:

  •    The bride must be at least 18 years old.
  •    The groom must be at least 21 years old.

2. Marital Status:

   The husband and wife seeking a marriage certificate should already be married and living together.

3. Monogamy:

   Neither spouse should have another living spouse in order to obtain a marriage registration certificate.

4. Residency:

   The couple must have resided in the district where they wish to apply for a marriage registration certificate for at least one month.

5. Consent:

   Both parties must be capable of giving valid consent at the time of marriage. They should not be under any form of coercion or unable to make independent decisions.

6. Prohibited Relationship:

  • The couple should not have a prohibited relationship based on degrees of consanguinity.
  •  They should not be sapindas of each other, unless their respective customs or traditions permit them to marry.

Documents for West Bengal Marriage Registration:

For the successful online marriage registration in West Bengal in 2023, the following documents are required:

  • 1. Scanned photographs of the husband and wife.
  • 2. Scanned signatures of the husband and wife, including their left thumb impressions (LTI).
  • 3. Scanned documents providing proof of the present address of the husband and wife.
  • 4. Scanned documents providing proof of the permanent address of the husband and wife.
  • 5. Scanned documents providing proof of the date of birth of the husband and wife.

Additionally, the following documents should be prepared:

  • 1. Aadhaar Card (for both bride and groom)
  • 2. Birth Certificate (for both bride and groom)
  • 3. Copy of the invitation Card
  • 4. Permanent Address Proof (for both bride and groom)
  • 5. Photograph of Bride and Groom
  • 6. Present Address Proof (for both bride and groom)
  • 7. Copies of Aadhaar card of the bride and groom
  • 8. Residential proof
  • 9. Age certificate of both bride and groom
  • 10. Marriage proof, such as the invitation card, etc.

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Applicable fees for WB online marriage registration:

– If the registration is completed within 2 months of the marriage, a fee of Rs. 200 is required.

– If the registration is done after two months of the marriage, the fee doubles to Rs. 400.

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West Bengal Marriage Registration Procedure – A Step-by-Step Guide:

Marriage registration in West Bengal can now be conveniently done online. To assist you in the process, we have outlined the step-by-step procedure below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Law Department Register General of Marriages, Government of West Bengal. On the homepage, locate the “Register Your Marriage” option on the right-hand side.

West Bengal Marriage Registration

Step 2: Click on “Register Your Marriage” to access the online registration page. Here, you will find a link labeled “Click Here to Apply Online.” Click on this link to proceed and read the important guidelines before clicking on the submit button

Step 3: The online application form will appear on your screen after selecting the “Proceed” option.

Begin by providing the required details of the groom, including his name, father’s name, date of birth, contact information, religion, nationality, Aadhaar number, and other relevant information. Upload the scanned documents pertaining to the groom as well.

West Bengal Marriage Registration 1

Step 4: Proceed to the second section of the form, which requires you to fill in the details of the bride, such as her name, father’s name, date of birth, contact information, religion, nationality, Aadhaar number, etc. Upload the necessary scanned documents for the bride as well.

Step 5: In the third section of the form, provide information about the social marriage, including the location, date, and the marriage invitation card.

Step 6: Move on to the fourth section, which involves providing details about children (this section is optional and can be skipped if applicable).

Step 7: Select a marriage registrar based on the address of either the groom or the bride. The name of the marriage registrar will be displayed on the screen. Choose the appropriate marriage officer type, district, sub-district, work area, block, police station, and gram panchayat.

West Bengal Marriage Registration 2

Step 8: Proceed to the final stage of the application form, where you will need to fill in the registration details. Choose between registering at the office of the marriage officer or outside the office within their jurisdiction. Provide the name and address of the venue, including the street/location, district, sub-district, work area, block, police station, gram panchayat, village, and post office. Additionally, select whether the registration will take place during office hours or after office hours.

Step 9: Enter the provided code and click the submit button. Remember to print a copy of the submitted form for future reference.

That’s it! You have successfully completed the West Bengal online marriage registration process. It is a convenient and efficient way to register your marriage without the need for physical visits to government offices.

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West Bengal Marriage Certificate Offline Application Process

If you prefer to apply for a marriage certificate offline in West Bengal, you can follow the step-by-step process outlined below:

Step 1: Obtain the marriage certificate application form. You can obtain the form from the registrar’s office in your area. Alternatively, you may download the application form in PDF format from the official website of the concerned department.

Step 2: Download and print the West Bengal Marriage Certificate Application Form. Ensure that you have a hard copy of the form for filling in the required information.

Step 3: Fill in all the necessary information as requested in the application form. Provide accurate details regarding the bride and groom, including their names, ages, addresses, date of marriage, and other required information.

Step 4: Attach all the required documents along with the completed application form. The documents typically include identity proofs, address proofs, photographs of the bride and groom, marriage invitation card, birth certificates, and any other supporting documents as specified by the authorities.

Step 5: Submit the fully filled application form, along with the attached documents, to the office of the concerned department or registrar. Ensure that you submit the application to the appropriate authority responsible for issuing marriage certificates.

Step 6: After submitting the application, the concerned department will verify the details and documents provided. Once the verification process is complete, your marriage certificate will be issued.

It is essential to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the application form and the accompanying documents to avoid any delays or complications in obtaining the marriage certificate. Be sure to follow any additional instructions or requirements provided by the registrar’s office or the concerned department.

By following these steps, you can successfully apply for a marriage certificate offline in West Bengal. This offline process provides an alternative for individuals who prefer not to apply online or do not have access to internet facilities.

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