[Apply Online] Gay Sahay Yojana 2024 Gujarat – Registration, Eligibility, Benefits

Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2024:

The Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2024 is a significant scheme launched by the Government of Gujarat to promote natural-based farming among farmers. This initiative aims to support and empower farmers engaged in natural farming practices using indigenous cows. By providing financial assistance and encouragement, the scheme aims to increase production and reduce costs for farmers. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana, including registration procedures, eligibility criteria, required documents, and the benefits it offers.

Promoting Natural Farming:

Recognizing the harmful effects of chemical-based farming on both humans and animals, the Gujarat government introduced the Gay Sahay Yojana Scheme 2024 to encourage farmers to transition to natural-based farming. This scheme aims to increase the cultivation of natural produce, which is essential for maintaining a healthier and sustainable food ecosystem. By supporting farmers who work with indigenous cows, the government aims to promote natural farming practices across the state.

Brief Details

Name of the SchemeGay Sahay Yojana 2024
Initiated byGujarat Government
ObjectivePromote Natural Farming
Official Websitehttps://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/

Key Features of Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana:

1. Financial Assistance: Under this scheme, eligible farmers engaged in natural farming with indigenous cows receive a monthly financial assistance of Rs. 900. This financial aid helps farmers experiment with natural farming techniques and achieve higher yields at a lower cost.

2. Encouraging Natural-Based Farming: The scheme focuses on promoting natural-based farming practices that rely on indigenous cows. By supporting farmers who embrace natural farming methods, the government encourages the reduction of chemical-based farming practices and promotes sustainable agricultural techniques.

3. Increased Production and Income: By providing regular financial assistance, the scheme instills confidence in farmers to adopt natural farming techniques. The financial support helps reduce the risks associated with transitioning from chemical-based farming to natural-based farming, leading to increased production and higher income for farmers.

4. Improved Food Ecosystem: Natural-based farming practices contribute to a healthier food ecosystem by reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides. By promoting natural farming, the scheme aims to enhance the quality of agricultural produce, making it safer for consumption and beneficial for both humans and animals.

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Eligibility Criteria

1. Residency: To apply for the Gay Sahay Yojana, the applicant must be a permanent resident of Gujarat State. This criterion ensures that the benefits of the scheme are provided to individuals residing within the state.

2. Indigenous Cow: The applicant’s cow should be a country cow with an identification tag. This criterion ensures that farmers who own indigenous cows are eligible for the scheme, as it aims to promote natural-based farming practices with such cows.

3. Inclusive of All Castes: The Gay Sahay Yojana is open to individuals belonging to any caste. The scheme does not discriminate based on caste, ensuring equal opportunities for farmers from diverse backgrounds to avail its benefits.

4. Land Ownership: Applicants should possess a valid land record as proof of land ownership. This requirement ensures that individuals involved in agriculture and farming activities can participate in the scheme.

5. Organic Farming Practitioners: Farmers engaged in organic farming practices are eligible to apply for the Gay Sahay Yojana. This provision encourages the adoption of sustainable farming techniques and rewards those already involved in organic farming.

6. Training in Natural Farming: Applicants must have received training from master instructors in natural farming. This criterion emphasizes the importance of proper training and knowledge in implementing effective natural farming practices.

Benefits of Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana

The Gay Sahay Scheme initiated by the Government of Gujarat offers several significant benefits to farmers in the state. Let’s explore the key advantages of this scheme:

1. Financial Assistance: Farmers practicing natural farming with indigenous cows are eligible for financial assistance under the Gay Sahay Scheme. The government provides direct financial support to the beneficiaries, which is transferred to their bank accounts through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system.

2. Regular Assistance: The scheme ensures that farmers receive quarterly financial assistance, which is subject to the submission of a certificate verifying their engagement in natural farming. This regular support enables farmers to manage their agricultural activities effectively.

3. Encouragement for Natural Farming: The Gay Sahay Scheme aims to promote natural farming practices among farmers. By providing financial incentives, the scheme encourages farmers to shift from chemical-based farming to natural farming methods. This transition benefits both the environment and the farmers themselves.

4. Conservation of Indigenous Cows: The scheme indirectly contributes to the conservation of indigenous cows. Since the focus is on natural farming practices involving these cows, it creates an environment where farmers are motivated to raise and preserve indigenous cow breeds.

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5. Cost-effective Farming: Through the Gay Sahay Scheme, farmers receive financial assistance that helps them minimize their farming expenses. This support allows farmers to achieve better profitability by reducing the dependency on expensive inputs, such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

6. Improved Soil Fertility: Natural farming practices promoted under the scheme, including the use of manure, contribute to enhancing soil fertility. By reducing reliance on artificial fertilizers, farmers can maintain healthier soil conditions, resulting in more fruitful land and improved crop production.

7. Increased Productivity: The Gay Sahay Scheme aims to boost agricultural productivity for farmers. By adopting natural farming techniques and receiving financial support, farmers can enhance their crop yields and overall production, leading to improved income and livelihoods.

8. Online Application Process: The scheme facilitates a convenient online application process, enabling farmers to easily apply for the benefits. This streamlines the application and approval procedures, making it more accessible for eligible farmers to avail themselves of the scheme’s advantages.

Gay Sahay Yojana 2024 Online Registration:

1. Visit the Official Website: Begin by visiting the official website of the Gujarat government’s Gay Sahay Scheme. The website is typically accessible through the i-Khedut portal.

2. Navigate to the Plans Section: On the website, look for the “Plans” option in the top menu section and click on it. This action will lead you to a new page with a list of available schemes.


3. Select the Gay Sahay Scheme: Among the listed schemes, search for the specific option related to the Gay Sahay Scheme. Once found, click on the “Apply” button located next to it. This action will direct you to a new page dedicated to the application process.

4. Fill in the Application Form: On the application page, you will be required to provide the necessary information. Begin by registering your details, selecting the “New Application” option, and filling in all the required fields. Take care to accurately enter your personal and farming-related information.

5. Save and Review: After entering all the details, click on the “Save” button to save your progress. Before submitting the application, it is important to double-check all the information you have provided to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

6. Solve the Captcha and Submit: To complete the application process, solve the captcha provided on the page. This step is necessary to confirm that you are a human user. Once the captcha is solved, submit your application.

7. Print and Sign the Application: After submitting the application online, it is advisable to take a printout of the Gujarat Gay Sahay Scheme application form. Sign the printed copy of the form, as it may be required for further verification.

8. Submit the Application: Visit your nearest Panchayat office or Jan Seva Kendra and submit the signed application form along with the required supporting documents. The documents typically include identification proofs, land records, and any other relevant certificates or permits specified by the scheme.

By following these steps, you can successfully apply for the Gay Sahay Scheme in Gujarat. Remember to carefully complete the application process and provide accurate information to ensure a smooth and hassle-free application experience.


How to Apply Online Gay Sahay Yojana 2024 Gujarat ?

To apply online “Gay Sahay Yojana 2024 Gujarat” first of all you have to visit the official website. After that you have to click on “Plans” option and fill all the application form carefully and the last click on “Submit” button.

What is the official website of “Gay Sahay Yojana”?

The official website of Gay Sahay Yojana is https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/

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