MGNREGA Wage Rate 2024 – Check For Assam/Kerela/Odihsa/WB

MGNREGA Wage Rate 2024

MGNREGA Wage Rate 2024 to Rise by 10% in Next Budget:
For agricultural activities, Central Govt. MGNREGA Wage Rate 2024 – Check For Assam/Kerela/Odihsa/WB There is a plan to lay emphasis on the expansion of cold storage and warehouse networks. This will be done by providing them some tax incentives or easy credit facilities. Farmers may also have an incentive to diversify into more profitable crops than rice and wheat. As per official reports, the central government will now pay Rs. More money of Rs 10,000 crore for MGNREGA (Rs 70,000 crore in Union Budget 2020-21 as compared to Rs 60,000 in previous budget). With this increased allocation, the MGNREGA wage rate will increase from 8 to 10% per month.

MGNREGA Wage Rate 2020 Chart

Ministry of Rural Development has given additional Rs. 20,000 crores for MNREGA scheme. Currently, the national average salary of a MGNREGA worker is Rs. 178.44 per day which is lower than the minimum agricultural wage rate in many states. After several rounds of discussions with industry experts, farmers and economists, the consensus is building on increased allocation. This has been done to accelerate the establishment of 22,000 rural markets under the Rural Agriculture Program (Gram) .

MGNREGA Wage Rate 2024 Complete Details

The central government may announce 8% to 10% increase in average wages under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Generation Act (MGNREGA). This increase in MGNREGA average wage rates will be linked to an updated inflation index, the revised Consumer Price Index – Agricultural Labor (CPI-AL). Now people can check MGNREGA wage rate 2024 as the scheme was launched at Rs. Push of 10,000 crores

To boost rural income, the central government raised the total MGNREGA budget for 2024 to Rs. 70,000 crores Rs. Earlier in 2024 (FY20), the budget allocation for MGNREGA scheme was Rs. 60,000 crores Rs. The increase in MGNREGA wage rate in 2024 is a part of the government. Plan to strengthen existing welfare schemes for farmers like PM-Kisan and MNREGA.

The program is financed through one rupee. 2,000 crore dedicated agricultural infrastructure fund created in NABARD. However, the allocated funds have been found insufficient to finance such a large program. A separate budgetary allocation is required to kickstart the plan. This is because the current model of a dedicated fund has not produced the desired results. Apart from the village scheme, some funds allocation is also required for the Electronic National Agricultural Market (eNAM) scheme.

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